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title pic Angel Lights

Posted by admin on September 8, 2010

A lot of people report seeing flashes of light with their physical eyes.  These lights are described as lights that look like a camera flashbulb or shimmering sparkles.  These lights have nonphysical origins.  Some people call them angel lights, I call them sparklies. When you see these lights, you’re seeing the friction or energy of angels moving across the room.  It’s kind of like seeing the sparks from fireworks. The white lights are from our guardian angels and the beautiful colorful lights originate from the archangels.  Here is a list to help you know which of the archangels you’re encountering when you see colored flashes or sparkles of light.

Beige:  Azrael, the archangel who helps us heal from grief

Blue:  Archangel Michael who gives us courage and protection

Blue (pale, almost white):  Haniel, who helps women with their feminine health, and assists with clairvoyance

Blue (aqua):  Raguel, who helps with relationships

Blue (dark or violetl):  Zadkiel, the archangel who helps us improve our memory and mental function

Green (bright emerald):  Raphael, the archangel of healing 

Green (with dark pink):  Metatron, who helps children retain their spiritual gifts and self-esteem

Pink:  Chamuel, the archangel of peace who helps us find whatever we’re looking for

Pink (pale or indigo purple):  Ariel, who helps with animals, nature, and manifestation

Rainbows:  Raziel, who heals spiritual and psychic blocks and teaches us esoteric secrets

Turquoise:  Sandalphon, the musical archangel

Violet (reddish purple):  Jeremiel, who helps us heal emotions

White or Silver:  Gabriel, who helps messengers and parents

Yellow:  Jophiel, who helps us beautify our thoughts and life

Yellow (pale):  Uriel, the archangel of wisdom