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The Nine Orders of Angels

Seraphim are the highest order of angels.

Cherubim are guardian spirits.

Dominions are in charge administering all angel duties.

Thrones are the angels of Justice.

Principalities watch over the leaders of man and are the protectors of religion.

Powers protect the world against evil. The Powers are the first created angels.

Virtues are the miracle workers. They bestow grace and valor to mankind.

Archangels intercede for mankind. Most guardian angels are from this order.

Angels are the lowest order of angels although this does not make them less in importance. There are millions of angels doing good throughout the universe, each one of them is important and necessary.


Archangels are managers overseeing our guardian angels. Archangels are the most involved with helping Earth and her inhabitants. Compared to guardian angels, archangels are very large, loud and powerful, yet they’re also extremely loving and egoless. As nonphysical celestial beings, they don’t have genders. However, their specific fortes and characteristics give them distinctive male and female energies and personas.

You will notice in the list that follows that all but two of the archangels names end in the suffix “el” which is Hebrew for “of God” or “from God”. These archangels are sometimes called by different names, but here are the most common ones, along with their specialties and characteristics.

Ariel (pronounced AHR-ee-el), Ariel is the helper of animals and the environment. Ariel works with Archangel Raphael (who also heals and helps animals). He also helps protect the environment. He helps with qualities of bravery, courage and focus. He will boost your self-confidence. He helps bring about miracles and manifestations. Ariel helps teachers, healers, and service workers. Ariel will also help you attract the support needed for your life’s mission. Ariel is a Virtue. His energy color is pale pink and his gemstone is rose quartz.

Azrael (pronounced Oz-rye-EL), Azrael is one of the Angels of Death, he helps bring departed souls to Heaven, heals the grief stricken, and also assists those who are consoling the bereaved. He is a gentle, loving energy and takes the fear out of dying. He is an Angel of Protection (along with Michael and Gabriel) Azrael is a Throne. His color is off white or cream and his gemstone is yellow calcite.

Chamuel (pronounced SHAm-you-el), Chamuel embodies the principle of unconditional love. He urges you to love yourself for if you are unable to love yourself you will not be able to love others. He eases anxiety, brings about global and personal peace; and helps find lost objects, situations, and people. He’s considered to be the leader of the angelic realm known as the “Powers”. His color is pale green and his gemstone is green fluorite.

Gabriel (pronounced GAB-ree-el), Gabriel is the Angel of Mercy, Death, and Revelation. He is the Prince of Justice. Gabriel helps messengers such as writers, teachers, and journalists. He loves to coach and help you with writing. He will push you into action. Gabriel will help you to find strength and help you connect with your personal power. Gabriel is the healer and helper of pregnancies and childbirth. He assists mothers and children on all levels of conception, childbirth, adoption and parenting. Gabriel also helps you to connect to your inner child. Gabriel is an Archangel. His color is copper and his gemstone is citrine.

Haniel (pronounced Hawn-ee-EL) Haniel is the Chief Angel of Virtue and Innocence. He helps during female cycles. Haniel helps in connecting with the divine magic and powerful cycles of the moon. Haniel helps you to discover hidden talents and find your true passions. He helps with clairvoyance and psychic abilities. Haniel helps you to appreciate yourself and build self worth. Call upon him to bring harmony, grace, beauty and wonderful friends into your life. Haniel’s energy is patient, quiet and mystical. He can also help you stay poised before and during important personal events. Haniel is an Archangel. His color is bluish white and his gemstone is the moonstone.

Jeremiel (pronounced Jair-ah-My-el) Jeremiel is the helper of souls awaiting reincarnation. Jeremiel helps to open clairvoyance and prophetic visions. He helps you to do life reviews in order to recognize any areas of your life that you might want to make changes in. He helps you heal patterns that are no longer working and can help on an emotional level. Jeremiel guides you to act in loving ways and to treat yourself with respect and tender loving care. Jeremiel assists you with harmonious changes by being merciful to all. Jeremiel is an Archangel. His color is violet and his gemstone is amethyst.

Jophiel (pronounced JO-fee-el) Jophiel means “Beauty of God”. She heals negative and chaotic situations, and brings beauty and organizations to our thoughts, homes, offices and other environments, as well as lifting negativity in all these areas. Jophiel is known as the “Patron of Artist” and the upholder of Divine law. Jophiel is an Archangel. Her color is deep rose or magenta pink. Her gemstone rubelite or deep pink tourmaline.

Metatron (pronounced MET-uh-tron) Metatron is the twin brother to Sandalphon. Metatron brings together the complementary energies of male and female to create a balanced universe, as we strive to balance our own internal masculine/feminine energies to create our own balanced life. He helps you to clear and open your chakras and clean psychic toxins from your body. Metatron is the angel of sacred geometry and numerology associated with the Kabbalah. He will help you with organizational skills. Metatron can assist with more time, money, ideas and contacts. He will assist you in making choices to support your life mission and with your spiritual understanding. He will also assist you with focus, overcoming procrastination and help you stay motivated. Metatron heals learning disorders and childhood problems. He helps Indigo and Crystal children as well as parents and teachers of these children. He has a special love for children and will help them with any issues. Metatron is an Archangel. His color is green and pink. His gemstone is watermelon tourmaline.

Michael His name means “He who is like God”. Michael releases us from fear and doubt, protects us, and clears away negativity. He grants miracles, fosters mercy, truth, patience and love to human-kind. He strengthens our spirit in difficult times. He gives direction, courage and motivation. Michael helps with the qualities of love, power, strength, unwavering faith, courage and direction. Michael is the “Patron Saint of police officers”. Michael is the Chief of the Order of the Virtues, Chief of the Archangels and usually considered the most powerful. Michael is also the Angel of Repentance, Righteousness, Mercy and Sanctification. His color is royal purple and his gemstone is sugilite.

Raguel (pronounced Rag-WELL) His name means “Friend of God”. Raguel is the angel of Earth. He heals personal and professional relationships. Raguel assists you in being more clairsentience (to have gut feelings). He helps you to distinguish between your feelings and those of others. He guides you towards situations, people and places that have clear and loving energy. Raguel will help you to defend and empower those that are treated unfairly. He gives guidance to all involved to act in fair and just ways. He helps you to maintain harmony and order in your relationships. He is wonderful at resolving conflicts and can act as a mediator. He will help you find creative solutions to your problems. His color is pale blue and his gem stone is aquamarine.

Raphael His name means “he who heals”. Raphael is the angel of prayer, love, joy, providence, healing, light, science and knowledge. He is protective of travelers, guarding and guiding those who take outward and inward journeys. Raphael also grants courage and encourages scientific breakthroughs and knowledge in general. Raphael is one of the seven Chief Angels. Raphael is charged to heal the earth. He is the regent of the sun, Patron of Travelers, Chief order of Virtues and overseer of the evening winds. He is associated with Spring and rebirth. Above all, he is the Angel of Healing. He gives you guidance for a healthier life. Raphael can help you with anything requiring healing relief from burdens, thoughts and fears. He is a powerful healer, being able to heal physical bodies of both humans and animals. Raphael supports and guides healers. He will assist you in eliminating cravings and addictions. Raphael can increase clairvoyance (third eye vision). He works to enhance both physical and spiritual eyesight. Raphael often works with Michael to clear out lower energies. His color is green and his gemstone is malachite.

Raziel (pronounced RAH-zee-el) His name means “Secrets of God”. Raziel is the Angel of Secrets Regions and Supreme Mysteries. He helps remove spiritual and psychic blocks. Raziel can help you gain deeper spiritual understanding and then help you apply it in practical ways. He will take your soul traveling in your dreams to help you discover truths and ancient wisdom that will then become a part of your subconscious and be with you when you wake up. Raziel is known as the wizards of the Archangels. He helps you understand ideas that defy normal logic. He will then assists you in letting go of limited thinking. Raziel assist with clairvoyance, divine magic and esoteric information. Raziel is also known for his abilities to help you manifest your heart’s desires. He is a very loving kind and intelligent angel. His color is the rainbow and his gemstone is rainbow fluorite.

Sandalphon (pronounced SAN-dul-fon) Sandalphon is the Angel of Glory and the Angel of Prayer.  He is one of the tallest angels and gathers the prayers of the faithful. Sandalphon is connected with Earth energies and can help you to establish a secure link between the Universal energy and Earth. Sandalphon also offers you security. Those who feel insecure will often seek security outside of themselves. Sandalphon teaches us to look within ourselves and reminds us that we are safe and secure in the presence of our angels. Sandalphon’s primary role is the delivering and answering of our prayers. Sandalphon assist you in taking time to reconnect with peace. He will assist you in learning how to enjoy the present moment. He will enable you to fully awaken your manifestation abilities and your gifts to prophecy and healing. His color is turquoise and his gemstone is also turquoise.

Uriel (pronounced YUR-ee-el) His name means “God is Light”. Uriel is the Angel of Salvation and the Angel of Lights. He heals away resentment and unforgiveness. Uriel is know as the Angel of Light because he illuminates situations. Uriel is there to help you with claircognizance. He gives insight to support your life purpose and will give you prophetic information and warnings. He will help you problem solve and give you clear signs to validate your thoughts and ideas. Uriel will light your pathway so you know which step to take next. Uriel is thought to be one of the wisest Archangels.  He can help you with practical solutions and even give you creative insight. His colors are red and yellow (the colors of fire) and his gemstone is amber.

Zadkiel ( pronounced ZAD-Kee-el ) His name means “Righteousness of God”. Zadkiel is the Angel of Benevolence, Mercy and Memory. He is one of Michael’s assistants and also works with Gabriel. Zadkiel is Chief of the order of Dominions. He heals memory and mental functioning. Zadkiel teaches compassion and forgiveness. He helps you to release emotional toxins. He assists with clairaudience (clear hearing).  The Archangel guards the power of invocation and affirmation. He responds to the deepest call from your heart and encourages you to intensify this energy through your desires. Zadkiel helps remind us to open our hearts and minds in gratitude to receive the presence and power of the Universe. His color is dark blue and his gemstone is lapis lazuli.