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title pic Connect With Your Angels

Posted by admin on September 19, 2010

If you would like to hear from your angels more often, then talk with them more often.  Share your dreams, disappointments, fears, worries, concerns, and joys with them.  Tell them everything. Angels never judge you.  They accept you as you are.  To them you have no flaws just different roads and obstacles which you need to overcome and they are here to help you with those obstacles.

Your personal relationship with your guardian angels will deepen as you speak to them regularly.  One way to get to know your angels even better is to ask them their names.  Just think or speak out loud the request:  “Angels, please tell me your names”, and then notice the word that comes to you as a thought, sound, feeling, or vision.  If you’re like me it’s best to write these names down so you’ll remember them (some names may sound unusual).  If you don’t receive any names, it usually means that you are trying too hard to hear.  Wait until you’re relaxed, then ask again.

You can always ask your angels for validation that you hear their names right. Just ask the angels to:  “Please send me a sign in the physical world that I’ll easily recognize, to help me validate that I’ve heard your names correctly”.  You’ll then notice the names that you received in people that you meet, or in conversations you overhear, and so forth.

Practice asking your angels questions and then listen to their replies.  In time, you’ll learn to instantly distinguish the voice of your angels from the voice of ego ( the fearful part of us).  You can also ask your angels to help you hear them better, or to understand the meaning of their more cryptic messages.  Here are some ways to increase the clarity of Divine communication with your angels:

Breathe:  When we’re stressed, we often hold our breath.  This blocks us from hearing the messages that could relieve our stress.  So, remember to breathe deeply when you you are conversing with your angels.

Relax:  Trying too hard prevents clear Divine communication.  You don’t need to strain to hear your angels, as they are more motivated than you are to communicate.  Instead relax your body with your breath.  Be in a receptive state, and ask your angels to help you release any tension in your mind or body.

Ask for signs:  If you’re unsure whether you’re accurately hearing your angels, ask them to give you a sign.  It’s best not to specify what type of sign you want.  Allow the angels infinite creativity to devise a wonderful sign that you will easily recognize.