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title pic Divine Guidance

Posted by admin on September 13, 2010

Guidance and instructions are the most common ways in which the angels answer our prayers.  This process is called “Divine Guidance”. Many people who believe that their prayers go unanswered are ignoring the information they’ve received. Divine guidance is repetitive, loving, uplifting and encouraging.  It can come in one (or a combination) of four ways:

1. Physical or Emotional:  You get gut feelings, tingling sensations, goose bumps, an intuitive hunch, or feel the presence of an angel with you.  This is called “clairsentience”, which means “clear feeling”.

Those who receive their Divine guidance through feelings tend to be extra-sensitive to energy, other people’s feelings, and chemicals.  If this applies to you, you’ll need to be discerning about who and what you spend time with, as you’re more deeply affected than the average person.

One way to handle sensitivity is by shielding and clearing. “Shielding” means praying for spiritual protective light around you.  “Clearing” means asking the angels to release any negativity that you may have absorbed during the day.

2. Visions and Dreams:  You see an image in your mind’s eye, you have a very clear visitation in a dream or while awake, or see movies in your mind that give you information.  Also you may see sparking or flashes of lights.  This is called “clairvoyance”, which means “clear seeing”.

Those who receive their Divine guidance visually tend to be very sensitive to light, colors, and beauty in the physical world. If you’re visually oriented, you feel best when engaged in artistic and creative expressions.  You can visualize your desires being manifested, which helps you be successful in many areas.

Many people mistakenly think that clairvoyance means seeing angels with your eyes open, as three dimensional opaque beings.  While that happens occasionally, most clairvoyants see angels images in their mind’s eye.

3. Knowingness:  You know things without any rational reason, as if God has downloaded the information to you; you say or write with wisdom exceeding your present knowledge.  This is called “claircognizance”, which means “clear knowing”.

Those who receive their Divines guidance as “clear knowing” tend to be highly intellectual and analytical.  If you’re thinking oriented, the answers to your prayers will come as brilliant ideas that ask you to start a business, invent something, write a book, and so forth. Knowing comes to you easily.

4. Words and Sounds:  You hear your name called upon awakening, you hear a strain of celestial music, you overhear a conversation that seems tailor-made for you, you hear high-pitched ringing in one ear, or you hear a song in your head or on the radio that holds special meaning.  This is called “clairaudience”, which means “clear hearing”.

Those who receive their Divine guidance as words are very sensitive to noise and sound.  If you’re auditory, you’ll actually hear a voice inside your head or just outside your ear.  The angels always use positive and uplifting words, and it sounds as if someone else is speaking to you.

You may also hear a high pitched ringing sound in one ear, which is the way angels download helpful information and energy.  If the ringing is annoying, ask the angels to turn down the volume.

When you hear messages that ask you to take positive action, it’s important to listen to them.  In an emergency or time urgent situation, the angels talk in a loud, to the point voice.  During ordinary moments, their voices are softer, which requires you to maintain a quiet mind and environment.