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title pic Angel Numbers

Posted by admin on June 6, 2011

When we ask the angels for help, they always answer… and sometimes they respond with direct intervention.  Divine guidance leads us in positive directions, and it can come to us as intuitive feelings, brilliant ideas, visions and dreams.  Signs can include anything significant we see or hear that answers our questions or needs.

One of the most common signs the angels send us are number sequences such as 111 or 1234.  Numbers are among the primary tools that angels use to communicate with us.  You might see these sequences on license plates, telephone numbers, clocks, or even on store receipts.

Most people notice the repetition of certain number sequences and begin to wonder, what does that mean?  For me the repetition of numbers comes in the form of my sleep or I should say non-sleep patterns. I go in what I call sleep cycles where for several days or even for a week at a time I will wake up in the middle of the night at the same time every night.  I know this has to be a message for me.

So, I recently purchased Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Numbers 101” book.  I have been waking up at 3:08 am for the last week!  I looked up the meaning for the number 308 and this is what it says.  “God and the ascended masters are supporting you in every area of your life, including your career and finances.”  And that message resonates with exactly what is going on in my life right now.  Thank you angels.

If you continually see the same numbers over and over, your angels could be trying to give you a message.  I recommend “Angel Numbers 101” by Doreen Virtue.  It gives you amazing insight into the meaning of numbers.  Plus, it is the perfect size to tuck in your purse and carry with you.

If you don’t want to purchase the book and are just wondering what the meaning is for the numbers that you consistently see, just email me at: and I will be happy to look up the meanings for you.

Have a Heavenly Day, ♥ Debbie