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Posted by admin on June 11, 2011

Automatic writing is a form of channeling.  You are allowing information to come through you from the other side or from our own higher self in the form of writing.  I do automatic writing for clients who are looking for some guidance or insight on specific questions they may have.  Your guides will not give you all the answers.  They are here to assist you, not run your life.  They acknowledge and respect your free will.  You are the one who will make use of their words of wisdom to help provide guidance and clarification on your soul’s journey. You just need to get your own thoughts out of the way and become receptive to your guides or angels higher guidance.

When I do automatic writing on a specific question that my client has asked, the automatic writing I do often makes no sense to me.  That’s because the messages are not for me but for my client.  I use automatic writing for myself all the time as a tool for guidance.  At first it may be hard to understand how easy this process is.  But once you are able to set your analytical side away and get out of your head, it will help you accept automatic writing as a wonderful tool that you can use for guidance in your life.

Steps for an Automatic Writing Session:

When you begin an automatic writing session, make sure you have a quiet and comfortable area to do your writing so you will not be disturbed.

At the top of your paper or journal you will want to date your writing and have a clear question of what you want information or guidance on.

I always surround myself in the white and blue light of guidance and protection.  And I ask that the information that is provided to me is for the highest good of all involved. I also burn incense and light a white candle.

Using protection is very important.  There are some things in your life that can affect your vibrational level, such as anger, negativity, drugs & alcohol, depression and illness, which can make you more vulnerable for lower vibrational spirits to come into your session.

I take some relaxing deep breaths and call my guides in.  You can ask your guides, angels, ascended masters or whomever you wish to communicate with to join you.

Now focus on your question or what you desire to learn through your automatic writing.  Start writing whatever flows through you.  Some of you will immediately start writing.  If you feel like nothing is coming through, be patient.  Start making circles; it may help the writing to flow.  If you begin receiving strong mental messages or images, go ahead and write them down.  Sometimes when you write it down it will lead you into full automatic writing.

Your guides will never demand that you do something.  They may keep telling you the same thing over and over, trying to nudge you in a certain direction, but they never try to run your life.  So if you ever receive a demanding message during your automatic writing, you may be channeling a lower spirit that is trying to come through that is not of your highest good.  Just ask your angels to escort the lower energy away to the appropriate place.

Don’t worry about your spelling as you write.  Just let it flow from you.  Also, your handwriting may not look like your usual handwriting.  I prefer to do my automatic writing the old fashion way with pen and paper.  But, you can do it on the computer since there is no right or wrong way.  Just choose what is most comfortable for you.

At the end of your automatic writing session please remember to thank whomever you have communicated with for sharing their information with you.

The following is an example of my automatic writing that I did for myself on Jan. 25, 2011.  My question was:  What does this year hold for me?

Hope is on the horizon. Change is in place and has begun.  Believe and have faith little one. Things that seem to be of great difficulty in this life time begin to fade.  Calmness and a sense of peace begin to fill your life.  Your purpose is beginning to unfold.  This year will be one of great change.  You are heading in the right direction.  You need not to question that.  Your life has great importance.  You have been chosen to create change.  You will help and guide many in this life time.  You do not need to know the how or the why.  That is taken care of for you.  You are guided so listen closely.  We must leave for now.  Our presence is always near.  You are a child of light and love.

If you are becoming frustrated at trying to do your automatic writing and need some tips.  Please feel free to email at:   I would be happy to give you some suggestions to help you with the process. 

Angel Blessings, Debbie 🙂