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title pic The Clairs ~ Forms of Divine Guidance

Posted by admin on June 3, 2011

Recently, I have been asked how I receive my messages.  I am a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Intuitive which means I see and hear my messages.  I will occasionally experience some Claircognizance, Clairsentience or Clairfragrant.  And no I can’t read your mind, although I  sometimes know what my husband is thinking before he says it because we are so connected. So, let me explain “The Clairs”, or forms of Divine Guidance in simple terms for you to understand.

Clairvoyance ~ Clear Seeing

Seeing shadows and movements out of the corner of your eyes.  Flickering lights of different colors.  Visions which may come to you as a movie or as picture inside or outside of your mind.  Images and mental pictures which may come to you as a dream.  Seeing colors and auras.  Visual signs from heaven.  The visions can be literal or symbolic.

Claircognizance ~ Clear Knowing

A sudden idea, concept, insight, aptitude, thought, or fact.  It usually comes out of the blue.  We don’t see, hear, feel or smell this information… we just know.  Probably the most difficult because we wonder how we can “know something without “knowing” how we know it.

Clairaudience ~ Clear Hearing

Sounds, voices and words.  The little voice within you.  A physical or non-physical voice that you hear inside your heart or head… it might call your name.  A song on the radio that gives you a message, or a loud voice that comes from nowhere and warns you of danger.  Ringing, buzzing and popping in your ears.  Music and singing from unidentified sources.  House settling noises.  Whispers behind you when there is no one there.

Clairsentience ~ Clear Feeling

Chills and goose bumps.  Changes in room temperature, lightheadedness.  Feeling a light brush against your face.  Tight stomach muscles.  Peaceful calm feeling.  A gut feeling that you need to do something.  Feeling of the air pressure changing around you.  Picking up another person’s feelings…physical or emotional.

Clairfragrant ~ Clear Smelling

Whiffs of flowers or plants when none are around.  Fragrance associated with those who are no longer alive and from which no source can be identified (perfume, cigarette smoke or the smell of alcohol. 

Everyone is intuitive.  You were born with intuition.  Some people just choose not to use or listen to the guidance they receive.  Start to really listen and acknowledge the guidance you receive.  It will change your life.

Have A Heavenly Day My Angel Friends  ♥  Debbie