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title pic Angel Mantra for Deceased Loved Ones

Posted by admin on April 2, 2012

Over the last several months I have been receiving a lot of emails from people who have recently had a loved one cross over to the other side.  I just happen to come across this book called “Calling all Angels” by Joyce Keller at the bookstore.  In the book there is a section that dedicated to different Angel Mantras for particular situations.  These mantras address problems and concerns that effect everyone.  Each mantra includes recommendations that follow the seven methods for opening yourself to angelic assistance by Joyce Keller.  So I thought I would share the mantra for “Deceased Loved Ones”.


For Deceased Loved Ones

Angels of Heaven
Angels of the Sun
Watch over {name}
Cradle my loved one

Recommendations for receiving protection and guidance for a deceased loved one:

PRAYER:  As you pray, burn a white candle for your loved one.  Ask that they be surrounded with the highest, brightest white light in God’s Universe.  Send “lovegrams” or heartfelt messages of love and support.  If possible, have a photo of your loved one nearby.

MANTRA:  Use this mantra whenever you feel sad, or feel the need to make contact with your loved one.

MEDITATION:  In meditation, try to see your departed loved one surrounded by the brightst, strongest white light you can visualize.  This always helps to light the path.

ATTITUDE:  Maintain an attitude of support and love, greif might keep your loved one from escalating in the postdeath experience.  Such an attitude in not always easy, but it is important:  Your sadness will almost always be shared by your departed loved ones, which is not in their best interest.

ATMOSPHERE:  Burn white candles which are perceived in the spirit world as messages of love and support for your deceased loved ones.  In addition, burn patchouli incense alongside their photo to send love and support.

SUBSTANCE:  Aromatherapy fragrances that help people on both sides of the veil include angelica and sweet dreams.

CRYSTALS & GEMS:  Carry a clear crystal if you wish to send messages of love to those who are deceased.  A quartz crystal can project as well as absorb energy.

I hope this mantra provides you with a sense of peace and comfort.  I will also be posting a mantra for “Help in Times of Mourning” in the near future.

Many Blessings ♥ Debbie