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title pic How to Ground Yourself

Posted by admin on April 3, 2012


I recently received an email wanting to know how to ground yourself.  For myself I prefer to stand outside in the grass in my bare feet or sit outside on the ground.  Either way I instantly feel grounded.  There is some great advice about the important of grounding yourself for increasing your intuitive success in “Connecting with Your Angels” by Cecily Channer and Damon Brown.  They also talk about some other techniques for grounding yourself that I thought I would share with you.

To successfully use your intuitive ability, we must learn the practice of grounding.  Contrart to some beliefs, intuition does not call for us to be flighty or illogical; in fact, just the opposite is true.  In grounded state we are centered, stable, and balanced.  Additionally, when we learn to ground ourselves, we are better able to focus and be in control of our energy.  When we are crabby, spacey, flaky, overemotional, or scattered, you can be sure we are in need of grounding.  An ungrounded person is often too distracted to pick up on intuitive signals that he or she is receiving.

There are two powerful ways to get grounded.  One way to feel grounded instantly is to hold a large, smooth rock in both hands.  Another way is to do a tree meditation.  First, stand up straight and tall.  Make believe that you are a tree and visualize that your branches extend way up into the sky as high as you can imagine.  Next, imagine that your roots are buried deep, deep within the core of the earth.  You are now grounded and energetically connected to the earth and the Universe.

My final advise for grounding yourself would be to use what ever technique feels most comfortable to you.  Many Blessings, ♥ Debbie