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title pic The Law of Pure Potential

Posted by admin on July 29, 2012

Hello My Angel Friends, 

Recently, I have been focusing on creating success in my life personally and professionally.  I use affirmations daily and have just started working on some vision boards.  I love how when we put out into the Universe what we want to attract, (Law of Attraction) the Universe conspires to help us. 

I just went to the library to look for a book that I have wanted to read.  Interestingly enough, the book I wanted wasn’t there even though the library said it should be.  Instead, what I found in its place was a DVD on “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.”  Well I knew this was a sign from the Universe because it was exactly where the book I was looking for should have been, and it’s a DVD!  It’s not supposed to be in the book section.

I watched the DVD and thought this would be a great series to share with all my angel friends.  Heck, who doesn’t want to create more success in their life?  Today I will be sharing “The Law of Pure Potential” with you.

“The source of all creation is pure consciousness… pure potentiality seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest.  And when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.” ~ Deepak Chopra                               

                                               Applying The Law of Pure Potentiality

You can put the Law of Pure Potentiality into effect by making a commitment to take the following steps:

1.   I will get in touch with the field of pure potentiality by taking time each day to be silent, to just Be.  I will also sit alone in silent meditation at least twice a day for approximately thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the evening.  Okay don’t freak out on me yet. I already know what you’re thinking.  Thirty minutes twice a day!  Just try starting out with ten minutes a day and then you can work your way up to thirty minutes.

2.    I will take time each day to commune with nature and to silently witness the intelligence within  every living thing.  I will sit silently and watch a sunset, or listen to the sound of the ocean or a stream, or simply smell the scent of a flower.  In the ecstasy of my own silence, and by communing with nature, I will enjoy life, the field of pure potentiality and the unbounded creativity. I have been sitting outside in the morning listening to the birds chirping and watching the hummingbirds fly around.  They are so beautiful and fun to watch.  At night when I take my dogs out for the last good night potty call, I marvel at how amazing the stars truly are.

3.  I will practice non-judgment.  I will begin my day with the statement, “Today, I shall judge nothing that occurs,” and throughout the day I will remind myself not to judge.   I know you’re already thinking that this is easier said than done.  Give it a try.  I think you will be amazed at how much we all judge in our daily lives.  I am definitely going to try working on improving this in my own life.

If you choose to make the conscious choice to start applying the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success in your own life.  I would love to hear how you’re doing.  Please feel free to share your successes or any challenges you may encounter.  The next Spiritual Law of Success I will be talking about is “The Law of Giving and Receiving” and let me tell you this is one of the life lessons I struggle with. Until then I wish you much success in your life! 

Many Blessings, ♥ Debbie 🙂