Thursday, July 27, 2017


Q: Why can’t I hear my angels?

A: The two main reasons why people can’t hear their angels is that they are trying too hard to make something happen, and they are unaware of or unsure about the angelic messages they’re receiving.  Remember that the angels are more motivated than you are to have communication.  Notice any forms of ideas, physical or emotional feelings, visions or words.  It’s impossible to get nothing, since the angels always reply to every prayer and question, and because you are always thinking and feeling, those are two channels of angelic communication. Honor the thoughts and feelings that come to you, especially if they are repetitive, loving, and inspiring.

Q: I have asked my angels for help, but nothing seems to happen.

A: The most frequent reason why prayers seem to go unanswered is because Divine guidance (the angel’s response to your prayers in the form of instructions and advice that will lead you to your desires) hasn’t been noticed or is being ignored by you.  If you expect one specific type of answer to a prayer, you may not notice something that differs from your expectations. Some people don’t trust the Divine guidance they receive.  Then there is always “Divine timing”.  Some prayers are instantly answered, while others need to come about when all the factors fall perfectly into place at the right time.  Some prayers may not be answered until we feel ready or deserving of receiving their fulfillment.

Q: Why don’t the angels save everyone, especially innocent children?

A: This question speaks to one of life’s deepest mysteries, and the answer may be unknown.  Some people choose not to fight for their lives during illness or injuries, and other people do not listen to their Divine guidance that might spare them. It seems that we all have a “time” to return home to Heaven, which our souls predetermine prior to our incarnation.  While we wish that everyone would choose healthy and long lives on Earth, sometimes that’s not part of every soul’s path or desire.

Q: How do I know I am really speaking to an angel and not just making it up?

A: True Divine guidance is always uplifting, inspiring, motivational, positive, and loving.  Angel messages discuss how to improve something: an outlook, one’s health, relationships, the environment, the world, and so on.  Angels generally repeat the message through your feelings, thoughts, visions, and hearing until you take the advised action.  The angels all speak in loving and positive words.  If you ever hear negative words from anyone, living or not, stop talking to them and immediately pray for the assistance of Archangel Michael.  He will surround you and protect you from negativity, escorting lower energies away.  Talking with angels is a pleasant joyful experience.  Whether you hear them, see them, feel their presence, or receive new insight, you’ll enjoy connecting with them.

Q: If I am working with angels, am I avoiding my responsibility for taking control of my own own life and my own personal growth?

A: Some people feel they are “cheating” by requesting Divine intervention.  They believe that we’re supposed to suffer in order to learn and grow, and that we’re responsible for getting ourselves out of problems or situations.  The angels say that while we can grow through suffering, we can grow even faster through peace.  The angels won’t do everything for you.  They are more like teammates who help you collectively work towards each of your goals.  Sometimes when you ask angels for help they will create a miraculous intervention.  But more often, they’ll help you by delivering Divine guidance so that you can help yourself.